Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My New Story

Does he have to be so old? What is a contrarian? Should I google euromaiden?

The dark embers of hate that are fluttering out my heart emanate from the secrete place and destroy my soul.

How can I better learn to take criticism? What is my problem? Do I have chlaymidia?

The secret banter the is overflowing crushes the car in front of me as a dry heave up a dead pigeon.

Where are the Kennedy’s now? Is my roommate sexually attracted to me? Did my banker friend secretly check my credit history?

The make out lasted for three quarters of an hour and included fifteen minutes of vigourous dry humping that left both parties panting for more.

Will the children of Louis C.K. ever speak publicly? Does my landlord have Asbergers? Why hasn’t my coworker tried to fuck me again?

The windblown curls flapped over her cigarette and extinguished the last cull of hope from a dying crop.

Do dogs just like me because I masturbate a lot? Is my blush blended? Should I stalk my two ex boyfriends today?

The fervour at the cash register left her nauseated and pale as she left Sephora, clutching a bag of powder in her claws.

Do I dress like a lesbian? Do I have Aspergers? Will Stu ever text me again?

The hardened chocolate flakes away from her elbow as she turns over her pillow.