Sunday, July 17, 2011

reduce, reuse, recycle.

So I have been on a minor rampage. no serious damage. not a lot of plugging privates in privates.

affair with 18yo terminated upon my roommates discovery and subsequent shaming.
cried at a hello kitty party
have been in more limos this week than a senior prom gigolo.
have turned my google search history into a body of evidence proving my obsessive and pathetic lack of self control in regards to a fellow named____.
hours long makeout sesh with blankity blank followed up with the ubiquitous

Let us be friends. We will talk and stuff. (I am assuming by stuff he means activities that would not be offensive to his live in girlfriend.
cried. and drew. and applied for a business licence.

got druuuuuuuuuuuuuunk.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have decided
Cigs are bad
C is bad
Luxurious past times. All baaaad
Eating is bad
Pimples bad
Tumors. Bad.
Being a friendless narcissistic sp whatevs drunk aimless latching easy barfly. ... is, i will admit, tres glam. However if you were to choose this path as well i would advise you to evaluate the thickness of your skin. It is not cool to be aspiring, wide eyed, and unknowing the true cost/values of your caste.
I would say, fuck the dream.
I am not QUALIFIED to reimagine this industry, or even this fucking dessert menu in 4 months.

ramble bhlabhblah i am incompetanjt, green.
replaceable, lacking follow thru as well as a ffunctioning____

BEFORE i could define myself by these traits.
now. down