Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have decided
Cigs are bad
C is bad
Luxurious past times. All baaaad
Eating is bad
Pimples bad
Tumors. Bad.
Being a friendless narcissistic sp whatevs drunk aimless latching easy barfly. ... is, i will admit, tres glam. However if you were to choose this path as well i would advise you to evaluate the thickness of your skin. It is not cool to be aspiring, wide eyed, and unknowing the true cost/values of your caste.
I would say, fuck the dream.
I am not QUALIFIED to reimagine this industry, or even this fucking dessert menu in 4 months.

ramble bhlabhblah i am incompetanjt, green.
replaceable, lacking follow thru as well as a ffunctioning____

BEFORE i could define myself by these traits.
now. down