Wednesday, November 2, 2011

basically reading poorly written blog reviews of my restaurant as a precursor to me writing my poorly written blog precursing a poorly written porn

An open letter to lovers and quasi lovers from the August october 2011 ... or. period 3 wexll say.

you all are balls.

e, i just want to say......I blocked you from my news feed. it was because of your incessant links to shit that is so sick it makes you want to vomit on my mom. i am offended by this as a feminist, someone formerly inhabilitated with _______and as an individual with a mom that smells nice.
you post in volumes i do not have the education to measure.
i should also note that i am absolutely not prejudiced against tastes that differ from my own. i enjoy being exposed to the array of musical and cultural tastes within my facebook community, i may be denying myself the pleasure of some serious dope shit later on and i am seriously grieved by this.
however, your posts annoy me. you annoy me.
and you are obsessed with a genre that has encroached upon your decision. making abilitites, to the point where you made the choice to not go to post secondary and instead follow your dream of being adjacent to the fresh kicks.... working in a shoe store. So .... long story long I decided to revisit the oncurring event called ....
boys that like hip hop hit on me.

i just want to be honest, I enjoy parts of hip hop. mostly the kanye part, and the part where im drunk. thats pretty much the extent my palette sways in that direction.

ive noticed i have been attracting hip hop fans, emotionally, this is not a huge deterent albeit i am def more into the supertramp crowd.

.................kay let us get real here. I am not exactly sure what flimsy facade i am trying to pull..... obviously I have few to zero standards and do not really care about the moral composition or ambitious endevaours of anyone..... i clearly am here for privates on privates and should stop pretending that t wasnt even the best cuddle buddy ever... when he wasnt texting or dragging me to hip hop shows. with BEER i might add.

which brings us to the which is what incidentally brought me here tonight.