Friday, November 11, 2011

Hovember is over it failed annnyways

Which memory should i del first
All of the ones containing the screenshot of THREE OR PERHAPS FOUR I CANT REMEMBER MESSAGES IN A ROW on fb.


all of them.


the one of tonight, In which I desperate texted, sweated, jump noogied everyone and read poetry in east van.

I segmented 50 grapefruits, feed 110 people salad and petite fours, made sweet, sweet, pastry.

I smoked a cigarette, danced like no one was watching. cuz I was on the side of the stage, and no one was.

read counsel by bukowski

Made sweet, sweet love with sssssssssssssssssssssssssss.


was rejected

Was rejected by a lesbian.

ate mash potatoes

talked to my gma

cut cake

made sorbet


Asked myself, Why do only late 20s want to occupy my vaaaag, is it because compatibility is based on desperation levels.

Why does ssshshshs look so amazing with super short hair?. Did I leave my lipbalm in his car?

Today is dedicated to fresh sheets and pondering, perhaps quietly listening to the chemical brothers/hana soundtrack as I sit here, flummoxed.