Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh Blogger. You have been my home for the best 10ish months due to the ease I could create this blog on my silly little motorola blur. i stuck with you through thick and thin, when wordpress finally amalgamated itself into the android sphere, when your shizzy new interfaced popped up and made everything complicated (Thank you for the option of NOT using that updated pile of headache).

You counted my hits, or pageviews, or whatever it is actually called.

you denied me adsense due to my motherfucking explicit ass content and shit, I suppose my cunty assed censor-worthy bitchy little rants were just too fucked up for your mother fucking pansy assed adword thingy.
i know this sounds like goodbye.

it's not! I am pretty lazy, and clearly not popular enough t that it even matters, but this little series of epitaphs (this word was intentional) is staying in place....
And im opening up shop on my old faithful wordpress.

its called dateknife and its actually about cooking and shit!
okay, har har that was a lie. no cooking, but I will be showcasing my compilation of interviews with vancouver's finest, the creme de menthe of our bland culture.......

Thats right. Sexy ass cooks. And some of their sexy ass girlfriends!

get stoked.