Sunday, November 6, 2011


Never make out with: (no partic order here folks)
Bartenders (duh)
Boys from north van
People smarter than you
30yos without cars
30yos period
Sten. He has a girlfriend.
Your australian friend.
Your friend from paris
Your besty
The guy that lets you put your sufjan playlist on for sexxy time
The kid on the bus
The most beautiful kid between those two god foresaken lakes
Your bestfriend's boyfriend's bestfriend
The bartender from downstairs. Do I reaaaaally have to repeat myself like this?
The hot skater with the skate shop that skates. hes mormon and all types of fucked.
The guy working the perfume in sears. that serves at earls........ wait you gave him your number? friends off.
Anyone you meet at the roxy
Anyone you meet between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

Orrrr! Make out with ALLL* of them! hahaha. Annnnnd send me dirty pics or it didn't happen loser! Just kidding, I LOVE you.


(*except for the kid from sears. closet case.)