Monday, November 7, 2011

No ocd (as you will obviously discover): Do you ever lay awake at night, ' itchy at the thought of bacteria...... just wondering.

And it dawns on me how fucking disgusting I've become after realizing I have been using the same toothbrush for the past 7 months.

Time for some serious changes here folks. I am also going to splurge on some sweet microfibre cloths. Situations like this can only be tackled with the brute force of a condensed knit rag.

I can not believe the depravity I have fallen into.....the horrors upon horrors I just pray my roommate knows nothing about.

I own socks with HOLES in them .......but wait.
it gets worse.

My recycling bin... oh god the recycling bin. Why do I throw my fucking dirty tea bags in there? WWWWWHHHY? It makes zero sense.

This rebellious streak has also urbansprawled itself INTO the kitchen drawers. ALL OF THE MOTHERFUCKING FORKS ARE MIXED UP! What kind of lunatic just lets these things happen?
It is so obvious and simple.... small forks in the small spot, large forks in the big spot.

Tomorrow is the dawn of an ultimate clean. I can feel it.