Thursday, November 10, 2011



It takes two lameos to have bad sex,
But you can totally get off if YOU'RE awesome, even if your partner is a dead starfish.

I am currently in LimBimbo, that murky area under the semen, between stellar sex never to be had again, and the great unknown bounty of fresh booty. It's where my quest for the Kraken of cock has taken me. It is lonely here.
It's damp and quiet..... I can hear the rolicking waves of other peoples orgasms all around the city.
There is anticipation and fear..... will my next conquest live up to expectation? Can the first intimate sexxy sesh with someone EVER EVEN DREEEAAAAAM of battling the seaworn complexity that is the culmination of a tried and true lover? How do you key down the excitemment and just let it happen, knowing that time ripened fucking in a few weeks will obvs be BETTER, and worth this icky first time business? Will it be icky?

Should I just call Jacob.
.........A. No!

Ps, sick graphic by Duke Riley

ahhhh.... so glad I am finally learning