Monday, April 1, 2013

Only listen to lambchop. Stop feeling [important/unimportant]. Stop telling people you make out with about the health benefits of raw onions.

Several notes learned in an airport 

1. Love letters are silly. Never indulge 
2. Rule one is silly
3. Your feelings don't matter. (this only applies to you, schizoid, because you keep them locked up in a little Nic, far away, where they forever remain unscathed, untouched by the hand of every Vancouver man. Parenthesis complete.
3. Beach house is perfect right now. You will calm down in seven seconds flat. It will be magical 
3. There are twelve different types of carbs hiding, and twelve more that are in plain view 

3. Stewardess. Love em or hate em? It depends on what type of credit card yøu have, I think 

3. Plan your escape 24 hours before the return flight boards.