Friday, October 7, 2011


Whats new?

Computer fritzed out
Jacob fritzed out
Thanksgiving is fritzing the fuck out

so, being the sebum savant that i am..... decided to diffuse that little dickfaced cockanus with....

wait for it.....

BANGS. as in I cut my own mothafuxcing hair y'all!
as in i am an idiot. because, let us get REAL here. my little pimpsies will be gone by tomorrow, but i will be Bangsalot McCowface for several months.

Okay. First world drama. Let us talk about Jacob.
he hasnt called me in two days
we havent hung out in four days
he is suddenly over burdened with 'school' and 'being to drunk to see me' .... this is bad.
you see, i dont want to be this kids girlfriend. i want to be who he hangs out with when he's stressed out from school and being drunk all the time!
i feel so disgusting! This kid clearly does not even want to fuck me when he's WASTED! He tells me that he doesnt want me to see him like that but all I hear is that he thinks my vagina is icky.

im doing shots of tequila in my bed and masturbating until this horrible nightmare ends.