Tuesday, December 6, 2011

At Lolita's by Myself Eating the Fruits of my Sangria

Do I have a gem for you. Two pearls of wisdom gleaned from two wizened and pearly tooth gents at work: Stay meano to keep em keen, and someone always wears the pants, Love is not equal. So I would like to believe that with Jacob I wear the pants in regards to my affinity for the enigmatic and his curiously persistent nature. I don't want to be a dominant figure with Jacob though! he is so perfect and sweet that I would do anytimg for him to be so exquisitely infatuated with life forever. Which is clearly a submissite ideology right? But that makes me want to barf normally? Egads. But yea, no pants for me. I an emotionally incapacitated and clearly suck at debison making. So much so that I have already ripped these gosh forlorn metaphorical dry clean only trousers off, bareing my soul. leaving us to stare at each other awkwardly, both of our privates exposed to the elemental desires of the other. Christian tells me no love is equal though. which is obvious as Jacob's privates are ginormous, and at best I am a half hearted b cup. So what is actually happening between us?