Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Benny And the jets burlesque style, ring of cocks

Awe! Rich and suzanne must really love eachother!


You tube Tuesday , which is actually YouTube Monday, because these links were probs more relevant to my emotional biochemistry at that point in time.      

  White killer whales

  Some aspirational music  


  Some cray cray


  Annnd this protector by ze white stripes.


So, yea I have basically been a ghost for the past six months, haunting all the forgotten, repressed memory sections of the city.  Like, !!! Davie street! And, the same place i found that beautiful stone lettering above! 

spoiler alert!  


The sea wall. 

Also, what if I smell like shit?  
Honestly, is this the reason I'm still single? ... 
Could it really be, The fecal aroma of stomach acid poached, intestine molded crudité pâté that surrounds me? 
But! Alternatively, What if I'm in the washroom after a little lovemaking, and my partner takes a shit in my room? Do I really want to be that intimate with someone who could defecate, figuratively and literally, all of his baggage all overrrrr the most intimate, personal areas of my life?   

Arrrrrgh. Probs not.