Saturday, April 28, 2012

If you feel like peering into a future filled with endless amounts of anguish and bitter loss

Then I have ze video for you mes amis.

The narrative details a harsh reality,  including the truth that no matter how wasted you are everyday,  you will never forget the tragic, heart wrenching, liver failure inducing, lung collapsing, fact facing moments of your life.  It is a big fuck you to that little optimistic olga in your brain, that believes you WILL and CAN overcome.  So, a little advice,  you might as well grim the fuck up and stop tryyyying to get over it, because you will NEVER.

PS, no one loved you then, and the chance that anything has changed since is pretty fudging slim.

Also! Sometimes you come to realize, that even though you basically live in a box, and there may be an infinite amount of daisy petal encrusted  estrogen tumbling from your very own private boxy box, the reality is you spend your nights dancing down the empty concrete streets of a culturally decrepit  neighborhood. AAAANNND you know zilch. Haha, yea that was me, Just spinning this little convo back to my own personal life here, but yea, idk. Life is pointless, yadda yadda, you have good times, you have bad times. Sometimes you smell like a freshly peeled grapefruit covered by dewy moringaceae that just hopped out of a cookie dough ice cream factory. Other times, you smell like onions and garlic.  There is a little ray of sunshine I want to hold on to though, that even though you smell like Buddhas compost sometimes, you probably deserve to exist and look forward to the next day that you have the power to make exponentially better for yourself, and other people too possibly!

I loaaaathe the lyrics to this song, because it is implying I am going to be gripped by memories of the pain I am currently going through now, forever. Foreva eva, eva eva. That's fun, right.