Sunday, June 10, 2012

Radiohead, crying, open blinds. Breaking up with my  One true gratuitous sex love via text. 

It feels incredibly good to be sitting in your pretty, girl apartment. For about five minutes only though, before the loneliness creeps up your vertebrae, tingling you into a senseless pleasure only to then cut your fucking head off.  At this point, you start feeling a little weird. 

So today I was sooo. Incredibly. Grumppppay with every single person that came within the death shaped radius that surrounded me. I was a ferocious lioness in a field full of lambs, raining my rage down on everything. I might have to deal with the fact that a lot of people might consider me to be a huge bitch now. Or worse, they may know my true self, Just some dumb immature, terrible girl.
I am doing this, jeez whiz, WHHHYY? Everything is so great right now! There is absolutely no need to fuck it up with bratty behavior. Complete Self destruction shouldnt be on ze menu right now! Ahahahahfhghfhdbs.

Okay, breathe deeply, shake The tired sillies outof my eyes and cheer the fuck up! I could be spending my time being a good friend, considerate daughter, I could be an inspiring figure to my younger siblings and cousins, but here I am.  Overwhelmed, but dare i ask, by fucking what?  all of the opportunities and nice people around me? Time to start living! And giving back all of the time / affection I have been sucking my friends dry of.  

Wow, I have been lame lately.