Thursday, August 16, 2012


How many times must I abase myself in front of the this narcissistic, stimulation starved, apathetic and morally decrepit generation of entitled Vancouver 20 somethings?

When will I ever be good enough? When will I ever be good enough to hear another person's true fucking opinion of me?

Is there a reason why? Why do I have to exist if I am so useless? Day in and day out, we try to better ourselves and push forward, heralding a new day in the hope that it might be better than the last, that we might achieve a full 24 hours relatively unscathed by calamity and disaster, aching to be blissfully unaware during our quiet moments of the dehabilitiating truths that exist about our bodies, our personalities. We are not good enough, we are going to experience pain, but if we try hard enough to focus on the fucking roses perhaps we can manipulate our reality into becoming "positive". I can't handle myself right now, I have no one to cry in the general direction of right now, and once again ###################.  

I think being completely alone is the only way out.