Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bad date ends with blood everywhere

Fucking artists. If you are friends with one, you will probably, at one point,  have your your eternal solitude broken as they gallop along with you to east van, ears turned to the left, as you hunt out the abandoned warehouse that the kids are hanging out at that night. By hanging out I mean, in a cloud of expensive cigarette smoke (which is rank) people ranging from 16 to 47 are dancing badly, drinking shitty beer, having to scuttle past the Amazonian/androgynians in line for the washroom.........beards are frizzing out and scraping your body all over as the humidity is high, and the square is low.  

I don't know if any of that made sense, because it shouldn't. 

Anyway, so I remember being in this place, and really enjoying myself..... - Because the music is so good, and the people are so beautiful, you're brain can actually process these horrific conditions as enjoyable - when all of a sudden a Talker strolls up to me. He starts talking, in the middle of the room where the dj is. I am directly in front of the dj. I have a hard time dealing with shocking and obscene behavior, so I cold shoulder him and float away, taking a drag offered to me by a bisexual girl dressed as a flapper, and then crawling over two twinks caressing each other horizontally, escaping to the back of the stage. I felt like we were all on a stage, except we were the audience too. 

It is hard to dance in public unless you are caught in the shoestrings of the party beast, the beer behemoth. And I wasn't really drunk that night,so I fake danced in the back for a bit. Time continued, the dj kept on, gorgeous, and eventually another talker approached. Except this time, I was obliged to ....maybe not social norm but definitely a response. 

It was this older grey haired/ no haired fellow, with a face that was jolly, although you could probably see visible bones if you were to look down his clavicle. He was friends with my friend, and had slept on our couch a few weeks prior. I remember that morning vividly, I had emerged at one point, as Brian slept in my bed, and had bantered with my roommate and the jolly fellow briefly while I made tea. We watched this YouTube together, it was of a girl dancing in the street, to this song. It was his girlfriends daughter, 12, and we were discussing pedophiles etc, was it weird that she was wearing so littles clothing? Etc. To me, it was so devoid of commercial sexuality, it couldn't possible be dangerous. 

Anyway, so here he was... Chatting to me. I couldn't hear him. All of a sudden, my body had to piss. And I thankfully went, surprised when he asked me to re confirm that I would return after and chat with him some more. 

I emerged from the toilet, which was dirty. It existed though, which is amazing in its own right....   Anyway I came out and he was waiting fore me there, a full 180 second walk from where we had last parted.

Anyway.  Next I'm at the Waldorf, in a room, where there is no sink because it's been removed, and books and records are cascading over it..... Miniatures are everywhere..... And I remember I was just bleeding everywhere and he was laughing. Because his face was full of blood and he liked it. And then I slept, and then I went home. And as we walked down the hall, there was this boy, in front of 132, fetal position, ground. He was asleep, and he was bleeding too. I wanted to help him, vaguely I remembered something about vomit and rock stars under the age of 27. 

It was so strange, both of us covered in blood at the same time, so close to another in physical proximity. Except he can tell his friends the story of that night, and I'm not sure if I want to tell mine.