Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I learnt the craft of stalking at a young age.

Highschool taught me two great skills, how to fake being good at maths and how to stalk the shit out of cute boys.

I have a new mission, currently called the boy who walks down granville some monday evenings at 19:00ish with a dirtbag ponytail and the occasional black blazer.
I will have to utilize every skill in my intel seeking arsenal, from lip reading and eavesdropping to pro usuage of wigs and fake moustaches. I may have to employ a homeless man, dress him up in urban outfitters hipsters finest and set up a faux bro diversion of some sort to. ...well divert his attention.
I have less then 6 days before his next known location can be confirmed.......this mission will take all of my sneaky/skank instinct/sexual prowess to complete. I know I will succeed because I have an insatiable passion for two things, oppulent vegetarian cuisine and d.i.c.k........and I already went grocery shopping this week.