Friday, December 31, 2010

Should old acquaintance be forgot? Let me ponder this with cheese....

Happy New Year!
Last weekend, after Christmas, I took some time to do some serious reflecting. By reflecting, of course I meant I went through my closet and made a pile of all the clothes I am not going to take with me into 2011. I obsessively compulsively facebook stalked all my flings of the year, flipped through my recipe book to see how it's grown, and sent out a few holiday emails. After, I felt so complacent and balanced I decicded to go out for a couple drinks and really IMMERSE myself in this great post Christmas bliss. We ended up at Yaletown brew pub where the stout is always delicious and full of antioxidants, than the Oxford where...... well it just was not my favourite. Ambience wise. We finished the night for some open mic and cheese/rillete at Raw Canvas.... which to my dismay was not a raw vegan eatery, but to my delight it serves a shitload of cheese. The wine, communal tables...... the area of the room they have sectioned off with a twiggy fence reserved for painting......
As I stood outside having a cig (gross! I know jeeez. Okay I'm throwing my pack out NOW! You convinved me, thanks!) I realizzzzed, even though I don't have all the babes of my dreams dripping off my arms at that exact moment, I was still having an awesome time with FRIENDS. My besties. And life is pretty good, even though I'm single. SOO long story short, I drank life in and then drank some more.
To my single reader out there, I love you! I hope whatever your situation, you have an intense New Year's full of love and cheer! Even if you ARE NOT on a shit ton of drugs!
Cheers! xx (Be Safe you skank!)