Monday, August 29, 2011

After A Night At Prospect Point

so ..... yea this past week has been pretty neat!
back on the wagon with T.
This time around there is a lot more mutual respect though.
Which is nice! It´s comfortable!
He introduces me to his daytime friends.

On the whole it´s better, probably because I know what to expect, and what NOT to expect..... I just have a better understanding of how I fit into his routine... and hopefully vice versa!

To be honest I´m not even ecstatic, just relieved to have someone to sex other than s. I do not need to be crazy balls out in love though! We just get along, it isn’t too serious and I STILLL probably am more into it than he is.... so morally I don´t even feel bad!

(BUT! KAY I WAS LYING! I feel bad morally. there is just a teensy tiny little hitch that could possibly ruin everything and I’m sort of freaking out about it! BUT WHY? Its not like he didn’t say to me earlier that day, ´Did you hump him? I don’t even care!` or Ì like you because you are so young and innocent! ‘Like dude, my conscious is in an irreparable state! BECAUSE I FUCKED SOME BONEHEAD IN HIS DIRTY SKATESHOP SEX APARTMENT LIKE A GROUPIE THAT ACTUALLY EVEN CARES ABOUT SKATEBOARDING.)