Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 is dead, and so are my nerve endings. Re: I feel no pain or emotions

The day started out brisk and delicious, a quick jaunt to starbucks because due to events coinciding with the hangover outfit of death at my fav jj bean, i needed an interim tea provider replacement.
I walk in all glamourous and wind swept wearing something that made me feel like walking 20 blocks in all directions simultanouesly just so every single person in the west end would see me.

Whew. Im exhausted some days.

Then boom. Right there, smiling coquetteishly all black dye and anorexia is the only person in the whole entire world who wears more makeup than me, and lover, he was stunning.

Of course he was gay, or homoflexible at the most conservative. He looked like he was twleve and he was ferocity all pent up ready to pour me some liquid love. He inspired me, that no matter how many naysayers there are, no matter what the fuck your occupation is, no matter how o.b.v.i.o.u.s. you are with your out of control voluptous waves, in your gross hipster man boots and sexy split ankle trousers you are sparkley and you are perfect.
Just remeber folks, your appearance plays a huge part in who's attracted to you, and that is a prerogative completely seperate from YOU anyway.

ps, i would totally sexxxx you right now if this internet was in the way, that's how beautious you are.