Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I made this blog on my phone and there are severe spellcheck deficiencies, I'm sorry jeez.

So you may have noticed my posts have a definite and major recurring theme. Its not that i am a one track mind (all of the time). I have an amazing job that challenges ne physically AND intelectually. I am so stoked on the path my culinary career is taking, and everyday i count my blerssings, even the non sexy ones like toothpasste and amazingly scented body butter. Because those are totally important too.

I find that i feel like writing here when I am overwhelmed with emotions, such as fear, frustration, happiness, etc. Sometimes I DO NOT want to discuss certain topics with people I know, or I need to discuss certain things beyond the boundaries that normal/sane/non therapists can stand to listen. That is why I love YOU. I don't know who you are, or if you even exist. But you are amazing and kind and I want to hear all about your dreams and anguishes too.
I have issues whose pools of murky grossness I have not even dipped into here, I am not sure if I ever will. I want to be a voice of support and reassurance, an inspiration to young kindred girls like me, navigating a wet and grey city armed only with a single tube of burts bees and a limited data plan.
I want to write about what I am living through, like real life and all that shizz. Currently my real life is most likely NOT a beacon of mentorish goodness. Espeicially because I am usually the role of protege, fucking up, making mistakes, and then being gently nudged towards a better way of doing things. Like baby eagles or some shit.
Anywayzies, just wanted to say........
I love you. Thank you!