Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Interaction Is Important folks

So I make poor life choices sometimes. For instance, this beautiful thrashingly wet morning I was in gastown, looking for somewhere cozy to hole up in and while away the day. Then boom, im in starbucks.

Moving on. I find a little corner to sit in and ponder and sip my tea, in close proximity to another empty chair. Soon empty chair is occupied by a tall, handsome oh so dreamy babe. We both sit in our respective silences and twiddle with our phones drink our coffee/teas you know, no big deal or anything..then boom. Were you at a funeral on friday.? I smile quizzically and say no, shaking my head. My hair was in a ponytail so the head shake was more to emphasiss the luxurious length of my ponytail.
He then murmurs that he has been trying to figure out where he knows me from, leaps out of his chair and bolts.... .bolts. out. Of. Starbucks. It is monumental how odd it was.

Oh well, another day, another babe another rain splattered afternoon pondering all of my strange social encounters. Hehe.