Sunday, January 23, 2011

Going out tonight was a good ide a. Unntil i fucking sucked and had no friends

Q. Is it weird for 20yogirls to date 30yo boys?
A. Yes, only because the sex is def going to be horrible.

My life revolves around boysboysboys right now. I want to make out/cuddle/stare into the eyes of every babe i meet. Every babe I pass, sit close to on th train, see on a billboard, pay to make me drinkss. I usually have to bring extra panties with me wherever I go because I spend about 99.5% of my time turned on ie. I am sopping wet down there. Ew, gross, I know too much too soon we just met blah blah. I don't want to scare you off with the gross details of my life, but I feel like this nearly constant state of arousal I live is an important factor in nearly every experience of my life..... ahahahaha.
So.... anways this boy/man I have been seeing lately, maybe we were not even at the stage of seeing each other. We were probs just even moooore casual than seeing each other, whatever stage that is. But yes, we have had several encounters that included sex most of the time, dinner once, a movie or two, beers everywhere and a show or something. Sober hang out, check. Hanging with the buds across town, check. Awkward(or awesome?) Convos with the roomies, double check check check. However....... this road we were on..... it was headed NOWHERE. Our entire intertwinement was just a build up in MY mind. Ie, a set up for disazzzzzzz.
I am 20. He is 30. And I want sex, but he does too much cocaine..... and that is tragedy on too many levels.
Plus there was last night, where I was rejected on every social platform available.

So my weekly resolution is to go to Shoppers, buy a shit load of beauty products, work out a bit, write, and just generally be amazing.

As an offnote, an aside, an offtopic note..... I did get picked up while peeing in the street after rampage partying. So maybe I'm kinda awesome to begin with, I don't know, I'm not a social anthropologist.

I love you.