Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Insert catchy trance club beat lyrics HERE.

Flipping heck, I totally dislike when people text useless shit. Do you understand, that is a converstaion KILLER? It's dead babe. Dead.
Expanding on this topic TWENTY USELESS TEXTS LATER......all of this for a friday hangout.... when today is tuesday..... and our relationship is explicitely based on relieving sexual tension. Except actually, i have been left sexually tense after our first and only encounter thus far. My attention is wavering. (Its okay to be a ho-bag sometimes right?)

Assuming your answer is a resounding yes.... let us backtrack several days and venture into the space/time continuum/vortex of sexxx that was new years eve or new years day. For those of you like me, that finished work at the stroke of 12:30 anyway.
It was magically, i had been expecting to be there till the wee hour of 1am. And then boom, i am in full sparkly reglige, with bestie in hand off to a club to dance all our worries away.

Anywaysies, long story short (mostly because in my memory, 7+ hours of partaying feels super short) here is a list of what I "accomplished" . The word I is used loosely here folks, as I was a part of a dynamo team that night.

• got in club for free
• drank myself silly. For free.
• danced on a stage (god please wipe that part out of the collective subconcious)
• made out with a superbabe
• meet a few more superbabes
• exchanged numbers with MILLIONS OF BEAUTIFUL BOYS, muhahahaha evil laugh, inserted, here.
• took over the world with my contagious sweetness and charm
• spilled beer all over my friend's drawings, or as some put it, priceless art you couldn't afford.
• cleaned up beer with expensive scarf whilst exhuding platnium levels of charm
• sexxed artist friend after everyone went home
• said goodbyes, so longs, maybe sang a bit to everyone as they went home.
• found lost id!? It was a New Years Miracle.
• woke up the next day..... we will fast forward to when i woke up that evening in my OWN bed...... to texts and emails that made me smile.

I think my new years resolution is not to be such a novice/embarrassing spectacle. (Although, I will continue to be sparkly. Forever.)

Anyways, love love, and I promise I will never send you silly dead end texts. Because I know first hand how traumatic they are to receive.