Monday, May 14, 2012

It takes a brave, or! completely deluded type of person to let a man ejaculate INSIDE of you, knowing that one day you are going to have to push out 7.4 lbs of deranged crazy like me out of your private.

Drinking binge should probably end, right abooouuut, meow.  

I had the whole day off yesterday! HUNG OUT WITH THE OL' MUMSIE POO.  What kind of person receives gifts from their Mummy on Mother's day? .......this girl apparently.

Maybe I am a horrible daughter, for reasons I am actually too ashamed to even admit and definitely won't here.  

I woke up this morning stone cold sober for a change, danced around in my underwear for two hours to Sigur Ros..... Eschewed breakfast in favor of Advil. It was for preventative causes though, I didn't even HAVE a headache Kay.  Contemplated fixing my phone, getting a new one.... Then decided no,  I only use my phone for desperate, slutty purposes anyway.   This is where I am, unable to handle the responsibility of constantly being at the imminent brink of constant communicai with the dilhole ex-lovers of better times past.  

Did I mention that Jacob apologized? Because he did.

Also, little tip of the cock advice here.... Dancing around your apartment naked is fucking healthy for your self esteem.... I guarantee that you will NOT reach a point in your day in which you will feel THAT motherfucking fat.

Kisses fuckas.