Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dream Big

I want to see flowers

I want to see my bones poking out of my skin (just kidding! that is so groooos.) and see daisies everywhere.

I was walking down cambie the other day... as per usual and saw these super cool black ferns or something.

I miss the gardens.

I want to live in a garden... and I would be super fit tending to it all day.. like harvesting the tomatoes and rhubarb, watering the roses etc etc. i would TOIL under the sun.

watch the sun set.

walking into my living room..filled with orchids and calla lillies . there are windows everywhere... the crazy end of day red shimmering in till its last bearthe (does that only happen in paia? on angry vancouver days?)

once... i went to mana foods in paia.. with my friend... this boy. we bought all these lovelysnacks and watched the surfers as we ate .... such an adventure. we met randomely on the bus at the pacific whale foundation. i think he was high. why do i do everything bý myself?

like travel?

anyway... back to my garden house.

then I would make delicous supper, out of baby spinach or arugula or butter lettuce or some shit. all nice and tossed with tasty vinegary shallots. with a poached egg on top... poached in apricot champagne vinegar (it exists) or just plain white vinegar with apricots or nectarines hanging around..raw almonds...... maybe some tommed`or cheese depending on how lactose i feel that day.... plus BASIL. I would harvest my whole grains and make a delicous bread for my stable boy or neighbours. I cant eat it... iäm celiac.

they would love it warm with apricot jam.

after we would pick apples, as the stars are twinkling on, and the air is twinkling cold on my arm hairs.

then..... I would lay down in my bed.... beautiful sustainable oak (does that exist?) .. maybe actually just a yoga mat on the floor because I dont know where id buy my furniture from. probably too cheap to buy furniture anyway.

my walls would be a deep plum and id have white lace curtains..... and some sleepy landscapes on the wall....

I would lay down and dream... about going to thailand or france..... depending on how hungry i feel.... (stupid muscly legs)

I would probably wake up.. have a tea. and then I would be so grateful. and focused. I mean, so many people have shown me love over the years and I would be able to articulate my gratitude. and regret over how I effed up. in letters, in actual comunication. (idk.. where is my spell check?) In how I live my life.

maybe I would even send them some candy, like licorice all sorts

... image from wooster collective. maybe i should cite where all of images come from instead of being some disgusting ddegnerate internet theif.