Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sometimes girls don't want to do coke and want to fuck instead
Sometimes they like to listen to music lyibg in bed

Weird thoughts as I drink alone. Again.

• i have a lot of eyebrow hairs, like I am trying to trim and tweeze and make it pretty, because I do not have TIME to sober up and go to my lady (say it like m'lady) but this is taking a long fucking time.
• why do I have tweezers with a girl's head at the top?
• have you seen this? http://nymag.com/homedesign/greatrooms/boody-greatroom-2011-3/
•is it okay if I am a drunk mess if I am going back to school in September?
• do you think my mom notices that the only time I spend money it is to pay rent, go to the liqour store or take out cash? I'm not exaggerating! Why did I give her my online banking password?
•I have never bought condoms before, I kind of want to though.... because T LOVES coming in me and I love pissing him off
• I wish people would send me great links because I am to lazy to ocd browse through google reader today
•I love you? !? It's true!