Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sun is Shining Everyday

Yesterday I went to Vancouver Art Gallery and had a fantazmo experience. Even though my ex french lover came with! Came with his new girlfriend that is.
I saw an old friend from highschool!
but I spazzed out and was too shy to say hellosies.
He looked super cute in all of his stylish glory.... he is in fashion now.

I was wearing cargo skinnies? wtf is my problem?

Okay, these are just minor disturbances..... I just need to man the fuck up and get over it because these are not even the major issues of my life.

Let us begin with this most recently past friday.
I was feeling amazing! No rampage partying urges! Drinking wine with some lovelies.... surrounded by sexy bartenders from other restaurants!
Ahhh no. bartenders are never sexy kay! They are FORBIDDEN. annnnnd not in the hot way either! In the you will have to slit your wrists if you ever mess around with that biznasty!
In the way that when you see a bartender step out from BEHIND THE BAR AT THE END OF THEIR SHIFT....
you get. the. fuck. out. because you are scared down to the depths of your poor little girly soul.
That kind of forbidden.

Anyway, this isn,t even a bartender story! This is a story about how I fucked a fellow garde manger at the restaurant NEXT: DOOR: TO. MINE.
/he knows everyone I know over there
/myreputation may have changed!
/i cant even do anything remotely fun/sexy this weekend because I am in some sort of pivotal point of whoreishness.... annnnnd I am kind of enjoying it? but let me be honest.

None of these boys can even hold a nutmeg scented CANDLE to the lovemaking skills of my Danish ex H. he was a MAGICIAN.

And I think I am beginning to understand maybe he was super special and not everyone will be as amazing as he was? so i should proooooobably stop looking before I end up being the neighbourhood tramp.

So yea, sigh.
Maybe I should just limit sexy time to dance party time in my living room?