Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am 20 and I am liberated

Here is a checksies list of accomplishments this week:
  • went to antique store
  • left phone in a vulnerable position to be stolen in antique store
  • bought a vibrator (not in the antique store!)
  • celebrated Woman´s day by being bitchy to incoming bootyballs. incoming via FACEBOOK (jeez, like I know I am super hard to get a hold of because my phone was stolen.... but sometimes my roommate can see the dirrrty fchat convos and sometimes we just laugh about it. laugh at it. laugh at you.
okay, maybe I accomplished a lot this week and this list is not the best way to showcase my amazingness. So instead, let me talk to you about how this vibrator is making me feel.

ITS MAGIC! I AM CURED! Cured of the slutty that is. Literally, all motivation to talk to boys, ever!!! has evaporated. I am basically liberated.

Kay I have to gooo back to bed.

yea, bed.