Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes pt. II ... the part I incoherently rant

Sometimes I just pretend I am super dumb..... I Get more leeway.

Standing in line with sober people at the bank.... i am so glad i don't look that sily and bored! HHahahahahaha!

Also, when boys tell me what they like and what they do not like? As if I care? As if my entire LIFE revolves around pleasing THEM? I am just going to say it right now. My life revolves around pleasing my VAGINA. My. Vag. Thanks.
...... should I be more upset that I have to put up with boys and their gross condescending attitudes, all of their insecure domineering bullshit just to cum everyonce in a while? .....or should I just say screw em and buy a vibrator? Will I become addicted to it? Would it be super skeazy if I brought it to work with me some days?

I wish I had a super knowledgeable adult to ask these things. Like someone who knows how to do their taxes so they could teach me too! Instead of just getting my Mom to do it. Hhahahhahahhahha.

I want to live in a rock, in a house in a rock. ALONE.

This could be me.....This is a poem I called called REALITY
Be a drama QUEEN. Watch shows like csi miami, brothers and sisters, californication and boardwalk empire. Watch them huddled beneath a blanket of the cats that you keep, their inhaling exhaling kitty tummies, kittiy pulses and occasional kitty barf will sheild yoou from the gross feelings emanating from the tv and your life. The cats will hold you up in case you pass out too.