Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are you really thinking about H and T STILL!?!? They clearly do not want.

Everytime i feel insane, like just wanting to BLOW. YOUR. PHONE. UP. I throw my battery underneath my bed and count to ten.
And tell my self it ended five months ago.
......and listen to rap, you know, desensitizing and shizz.
Here is a list of other ways to ignore/deal/parcel up gross/destructive/needy emotions and ship them off to easter island
• angus and julia stone. Nooo, this leads to tears, whoops
•working out
•new perfume, only if you are going to see someone soon who appreiciates when you smell nice though! Do not wear to work you skank! Espeically if you work in a kitchen.
• stop smoking!
• stop with the x_____________!
•dont starve yourself you fucking victimized trauma patient! Eat a healthy snack and look like the happy glowing star you want to be!
• DO NOT text anyone any details about this situation! Write it down! Everyone is bored to death listening to stories about these lameo boys
•..... not even if you were really just emotional about puppies or some shizz! You look pathetic and new at life.
• go shopping, but pleeeease don't buy cute bras and panties. He is not going to see them and you already have tons! Get something practical like a new jacket or boots/heels that he WILL see when you inevitably bumpsies in line at urban fare.
• don't have sex with him
• do you, i mean me, i mean anyone except for T and that18yo!
• read the news you narcissistic fuck! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EGYPT!?!? Would you survive in an adult conversation? Probably not because you are vain and lazy! Shape up your mind before everyone realizes you are just silly and depraved on the inside.
• just send in the fucking application, finish your degree, and stop whining about being aimless and bored. Gosh. If only you realized the truth before, that those buildings downtown labelled sfu have incredibly secret passageways/rooms just puuuuuurfect for banging in. Just sayin. Plus, that's where those cute boys with long hair ponytail blazer combos of babeishness are coming from. Just saaaayin!