Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The sky was great today

Landin, or alternatively, Landon or Landan

I spent the afternoon at my fav Starbucks in Gastown, looking at the beautiful Vancouver sky as I walked over. I followed my coffee up with a traipsing sesh through Pacific Center looking at all the pretty things I want, oogling shoes and ruffly shit. Also, I was on the verge of tears for stupid, girly emotional reasons.

At this point I have already walked by a handful of people that were attractive to me, passing them all by without considering making a move, as today was not for that.
Suddenly I notice a group of guys, all well dressed. The third and last one I noticed was just a complete babe, wearing a blue white striped sweater with a toggle detail on the right shoulder. I walk by.

I was feeling espeicially confident today, ny hair was working out BEAUTIFULLY. It was enjoying the humidity free air by cascading down the back of of my greywhitestripey cashmere/wool (I know, I know, animal rights. It is an ethically made sweater though! Banana Republic told me so!) Cardigan.
All of a sudden, stripey RUNS BY. He stops across from Club Monaco and I look at him questioningly and smile. I want to communicate to him that I noticed his little jog, and that I am curious as that is just my natural inclination about those sorts of things.
He pauses his heavy breathing, looks at me and says
Have you ever
Breathing heavily
Have you ever had just a huge mind fuck?

All of a sudden, I am not walking away and we end up talking for 15 minutes in the middle of the mall.
Some topics of conversation we covered were:
• Hypothetically, if you had just until 2012 to do something, what would you do?
• His mechanic friend and bio fuels
• Me being passionate about food
• How he wants to help people with their finances-his passion
• How I am not his type, which is toooo bad
• How brown eyed people (me) are super emotionally driven and blue eyed people (him - I was definitely staring in his peepers) are more logically inclined.
• how although I am super sensitive, I am just operating at a higher level and other coloured eyes are trying to bring me down rather than rise to my level.... but I am super resiliant anyways....... According to Men's Health
•How he is not on drugs at the moment
• His pnemonic device for remembering names, attaching a vivid and emotional visual with my name.... at which point he describes me in paris with an esteemed chef folding tortellinis, while I wear a chefs hat and white gown all laced up.
•How he actually has to go and meet someone, but he is SOOOOO intrigued by me.
•My teeth, and my smile, I have the cutest two front teeth EVER! I must have been made fun of when I was a kid, but its great!
• What is it about me? He can't justify it in his mind why he wants to know everything about me, but he has to run, how can we take this to the next level.
• I give him my phone number. We can chat it out sometime!
• He has to go! He squeezes my arm, which was weird, mainly because it was deliberate and intentionall, full hearted physical contact. It was my bicep, in his hand, being squeezed.

After this, I walk into Club M, look at sll the delicious items in the spring line. I walk down granville a bit, head into a caffe artiganio and cry a bit waiting for my americano.
The end. Except not really, because I'm still sitting here, crying a little bit everynow and then.

.......I do not even have my period! I SWEAR!
<3 xxooxoxoxo love love