Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do you ever forget about your uncanny ability to be unappealing?

Sometimes, when you really really need an orgasm, but are too depressed to even touch yourdelf. Idk okay, it happens..... grizzly bear is there. And they will touch your privates with their music.

Long story long, I am drinking by myself in my room alone. I don't care about dignity here. The lights are off.

I care about d.i.c.k. and soap, mainly because my bedsheets smell like delicious soap and I just want to fuck.

I want to apologize too! For not being this bloggy fairytale! Things are not working out tonight. By working out, I mean I am not being sexxxed, pursued (except by 18yo booooooy) or well I am in the dark alone drinking right now. I am not spelling this shit out for you.
I think I need a marriage counselor, they have those for single people right? Because I need help too. Help me be less cool and more fuckable.
Apparently , everyone thinks I'm cool, I AM NOT GETTING LAID THO. Am I ugly? AM I fat? Is it because I dress badly?


Please god. Tell me I don"t dress badly.